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What is a buyers agent

What is a buyer’s agent?

 A buyer’s agent works solely for you.  When working with a buyer’s agent you have the advantage of personal representation, independent counseling, loyalty, confidentiality, and trust. 

They can show you all the properties listed in the Multiple Listing System (MLS), and For Sale by Owner (FSBO), and builder’s properties.   

A buyer’s agent’s responsibility is to you so she can be more forthcoming with any negative aspects about properties that you are considering for purchase.


Sara Stevens was a fantastic agent – always put her clients, The Brown’s, needs first. She worked long hours for 3 months trying to locate the perfect property with the criteria the Brown’s had given her, and had developed a great relationship with them. So it came as quite a shock to Sara when Mr. Brown sent her an email saying they had found their perfect home and BOUGHT IT WITH A DIFFERENT AGENT!  He said they loved working with Sara and they forgot to tell her they had changed their minds about needing that 4th bedroom… and purchased a 3 bedroom home from another agent, Jack Richards, at an open house over the weekend!  He said he appreciated all her hard work and would invite her to the house-warming.


It happens ALL THE TIME!  We at Mary Ellen Peters & Company don’t want to be Sara Stevens! In fact, we don’t want to Jack Richards either! In other words, we want to be paid for our hard work, not some else’s!


We simply ask a couple things when we agree to work with you:


Loyalty: While you are working with us (we are working for you) we ask that you only work with us.  Should there ever come a time when you feel the relationship isn’t working for you, we’ll be happy to let you out of your Buyer Agency Agreement. 


Consistency: You wouldn’t go to work for a company without knowing what you’ll be getting paid, and neither would we.  We simply ask that we get paid 3% of the sales price on any properties you successfully close. If you never buy then we never get paid. It is that simple. 


Regarding commissions: First they are paid by the SELLER not the buyer.  Typical commissions paid to an agent who represents a buyer range between 2-4%. We expect 3%.  Some agents will show you only those listings that pay the most. We don’t do that.  We will show you all of the listings that match the criteria, regardless of the commission being offered.  We only ask that in cases where the commission is less than 3%, you allow us to negotiate the difference as part of the sales price.  Remember the seller pays the commission. 


In return we will devote our time, energy & resources to helping you find the home that is perfect for your needs!  After that we ask you to remember how hard we worked for you and pass our name along when someone tells you they are looking to buy or sell.  We will take great care of them!

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