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Closing Costs


These numbers vary slightly by lender and loan program. The following is to give you an idea of what to expect.  


Owner’s and Mortgagee’s Title Insurance — $4 per $1000 of sales price + $50.  This cost is divided equally between purchaser and seller. 


Termite Inspection - a purchasers expense approx. $125


Preparation of the deed - a sellers expense approx. $125


Negotiable Closing Cost:


Loan Origination Fee                            1% of loan amount

             Appraisal Fee                            $ 400

             Credit Report                            $ 15

             Flood Certificate                      $ 10

             Tax Service Fee                        $ 75

             Document Prep                        $ 250

             Underwriting Fee                     $ 325

             Attorney/Title Exam               $ 700

             Express Mail                           $ 50

             Deed recording                       $ 1/1000 of down payment  + $19.75

             Mortgage recording                  $ 1.50/1000 of loan + $57.20


Discount points are negotiable and vary according to the interest rate. One point = 1% of loan amount. Prepaids and PMI (private mortgage insurance) are purchaser’s expense. The amount of down payment and type of loan determine PMI.

Survey- Depending on property, approximately $400 (This is not considered part of the negotiable closing costs unless required by lender or attorney).