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Cindi's fireplace tranformation


Guest Bathroom project

We started with what I called the "tumble weed bathroom" (that was the wall paper design), it had hanging lights, and all over not very pretty.  We are still adding final touches to the bathroom but this is the major portion. We were able to save the vanity and paint it, we put in new sheetrock, tile floor, tile surround in the shower/tub and fresh paint, light fixtures - everything except the tub. We did all the work ourselves and purchased everything locally. 

Cindi & Jerry's Project

What a difference a year will make.  When we bought this home the pine trees on the property were over 100 feet tall and two of them were touching the home.  We have since replanted numerous trees on the property to make up for the ones we removed.  We love having all the grass and beautiful roses. 
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